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Nikko Cas - 2023 Reel

Director Portfolio Reel

A compilation of my past work showcasing various projects. This reel includes corporate, commercial, music, fashion, and narrative projects.


Eliana - "So Much For Love"

Official Music Video

“So Much For Love” is a love gone wrong with an infectious bounce that makes it irresistible. It expands on the disillusionment that comes with love; A paralyzing realization that it may never be enough… However the overall tone feels to be an empowering one. A story of bittersweet acceptance.


Anthony Cole - "Rock It Back"

Official Music Video

The Anthony Cole x Precision Productions combination is giving us a sizzling taste of what is to come this Carnival. This high-energy video, the second one from Cole’s upcoming album, will get you in the mood to pull your flags and book those flights. Turn it all the way up and get ready to Rock It Back!



Ad Campaign

Los Angeles Hospitality Education Center digital campaign showcasing the school's highlights.


Liquid Death

​Social Media Campaign

Epic B-Roll social media content.


Anthony Cole - "Rise Up"

Official Music Video

The simplest and most direct description of the first release on Anthony Cole’s upcoming album. The song, perfectly named Rise Up, was produced by Precision Productions. On listening, you immediately hear Precision’s signature musicality and that exceptional way they wind melody with bass to create yet another irresistible tune.


GP Sales Series 

Digital Series

An episode of GP's digital sales series - learn sale techniques from industry experts. More episodes available on YouTube.



Ad Campaign

Explainer and campaign video for BidBud app.

Jeogiyo (39).jpg


​Social Media Campaign

Campaign for Jeogiyo, a korean culture inspired clothing company.


Can I Buy Your Attention?

Digital Series

An episode of GP's Can I Buy Your Attention series - learn marketing techniques from industry experts. More episodes available on YouTube.


I Love The 90s

​Social Media Campaign

Social media content for a 90's pop up experience.


Baddie Gene - "Upside Down" 

Official Music Video

Baddie Gene ft. Precision Productions and Braveboy.


Marketing All Stars Podcast

Digital Series

An episode of GP's Marketing All Stars podcast.
More episodes available on YouTube.


Ordinary Affair Co.

Social Media Campaign

K-Pop inspired clothing and lifestyle brand.

Bid Bud Explainer V5 New Colors and Sound (1).00_00_50_00.Still003.jpg

Digital Marketing Duels

Digital Series

An episode of GP's Digital Marketing Duels - Debates from America's top marketers. More Episode available on YouTube.


Anthony Cortez - "Some Kind Of Life"

Official Music Video

Music Video for Anthony Cortez's first single off his new album.


Giant Partners Culture Video


Corporate video highlighting the company's culture and team.


Philon The Goat


Event coverage for Philon The Goat's Los Angeles block party.


Display Giant

Digital Series

An episode of GP's Display Giant. learn social media tips and tricks from influencers. More episodes available on YouTube.


Sedale - "Love and Soca"

Official Music Video

Sedale explores how Carnival and Soca Culture can influence partygoers to fall in LOVE. Produced by super production team Xpert Productions (Slatta - Wukking High, Fay-Ann Lyons - Dive) from Caricou. The brass gives this production a big feel while the drums encourages you to move.


Loungefly X Star Wars - Holiday Gift Guide

Ad Campaign

Social Media Campaign Content for Loungfly's Star Wars collection.

Lex Jett_1.34.4.png

Bad Reputation

Social Media

High energy social media content.


Marketing All Stars Podcast

Digital Series

An episode of GP's Marketing All Stars podcast.More episodes available on YouTube.


The Black Adonis

​Social Media 


Loungefly X Netflix - Stranger Things

Ad Campaign

Social Media campaign announcing the collaboration between Loungefly and Netflix's hit series Stranger Things.

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